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Noblelift Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the oldest manufacturers that joined the industrial equipment production field, accumulating more than 10 years of production experience and development. The Company goes under constant technological innovations and strategic large scaled expansions. The sales of Noblelift grows year by year which proves that our status in this industry has improved since the company's establishment. In this highly competitive industrial field, the sales of Noblelift's major products have ranked first for many years in a row.

Firmly holding on to the industry's leading position, Noblelift follows the enterprise spirit:“High Integrity, Sustainable Innovation, Pursue Quality Excellence, Quality Creates Noblelift”. The company continuously increase its investment in research and development, insisting on using science and technology advancement as strategy to invigorate company growth. Therefore constant efforts are applied to achieve smarter technological innovation and product advancement. Noblelift (subsidiary) chaired or participated in many country and industrial standards, thus developed a number of new products with independent intellectual property rights, some of these new products passed the provincial appraisal. The technology level in this research field is considered to be very advanced in China and internationally.

Over the years, Noblelift followed the principle of “lead in technology, build supreme reputation”, and focused on internal integrity and quality construction. Presently, Noblelift's equipments are advanced, the technology is perfect, multiple intelligent devices and new innovations are going through dedicated testing. The international norms are adopted as technique index for company products.

Noblelift is mainly engaged in the research, production and sales of light industrial trucks and electric storage vehicles. These Industrial vehicles are a major part of our business and are one of the most important research topics for the machinery engineers, no doubt an important equipment in all warehouse logistics. The mechanical production of pallet truck is used for warehousing, loading and unloading and the drive system can be internal combustion, battery or manual powered. Different from construction machinery vehicles, the applicable field of Industrial vehicles is very broad, its usable in manufacturing, logistics, construction, military systems, textile industry, chemical industry, metallurgy industry, energy industry, and many other industries. These Industrial vehicles can greatly save manpower cost, improve labor efficiency, and enlarge market space.

Today, the company has grown into a well-known domestic warehouse transport vehicle manufacturing enterprise, occupying the leading position in the mid-high end market range of this industry field. The production line includes tools from light industrial trucks to heavy duty electric storage vehicles. In the next few years, the company will use important brand quality and service feedbacks as the core, together with our scale advantages, technology advantages and channel advantages, with the objective to strengthen our light industrial truck leading status based on a successful business trajectory, further seek comprehensive leadership in the field of electric storage vehicle, implement product structures, differentiation, to become a world-class innovator in the warehouse logistics equipment and service providers.  


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